Thursday, February 9, 2017

Poptropica Creators' pups enjoyed their snow day!

What's cuter than puppies in the snow?!
Kids all over the Northeast USA had a snow day today! Here in the Massachusetts area (where Poptropica headquarters is) we're getting a foot of snow or more. That means many of the Poptropica Creators worked at home while their kids and furry friends enjoyed the wintery weather.

The Poptropica staff were sharing pics of our dogs with each other today and we thought -- hey, why not show our fans our adorable canines? Everyone loves puppy pics, right?

So, here are some pictures of Poptropica Pups enjoying the snow!

Master Mime's pup, Jessie, went outside with the kids
and ended up with snow pants of her own!

It's so windy, Kevin might fly away!

Skinny Moon's dog, Toby, loves to eat snow!
And last but not least, Poptropica Creator Red Lightning has a sweet dog named Rubbles who seems to have a taste for rabbits...

Don't worry, no evil rabbits were harmed in the taking of those photos. I think.

Happy snow day to everyone who had one!

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