Thursday, January 19, 2017

Vote for our February Island of the Month!

Super Power Island? Or Reality TV Island? Decisions, decisions...
As you know, every month Poptropica has two Islands of the Month (this month the IOTM are Time Tangled Island and Arabian Nights Island). IOTM are special because they give CREDITS GALORE!

First-time finishers earn 500 credits, and if you've already completed the IOTM, you still earn 300 credits the first time you complete one of them again.

Plus we put classic members-only IOTM costumes and powers back in the Poptropica Store. Captain Crawfish makes a walkthrough for any IOTM that doesn't have one. And we dig up cool lost art and other special stuff to feature on the blog (see past featured IOTM here).

So knowing that, Poptropicans, we ask you: Which Island should be a February Island of the Month -- Reality TV Island or Super Power Island? We already have one IOTM picked (no, we're not telling yet!) but we want you to pick the other!

Vote in the poll below. Whichever Island has the most votes by midnight ET on Tuesday, January 24, wins! Spread the word!

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