Tuesday, October 18, 2016

More Halloween fun on Poptropica!

Do you love Halloween as much as the Poptropica Creators do? We're doing so much fun stuff on Poptropica this month because we can't get enough of this spooktastic holiday!

We started by bringing back the Halloween photo booth and classic Halloween costumes, and making Monster Carnival Island an Island of the Month. This week we have even more fun for you on the Home Island!
? First off, head over to the Poptropica Store to get your delightfully creepy puppet costume! This super special costume is free for members and 400 credits for non-members. 
? Short on credits? Go spin the Halloween Spinning Wheel! Spin it every day to build up those credits -- trust us, you're going to need them... 
? And be sure to hop on over to the arcade and look for the spooky gravestone outside it. Click on it to play our Haunted House mini-quest. When you complete it you get an awesome zombie costume and power! Plus at the very end of the quest, there are lots of frightfully fantastic costumes you can costumize.
We have more Halloween awesomeness coming your way, so stay tuned... and go enjoy the Halloween fun on Poptropica now, while you can!

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