Friday, October 28, 2016

Have a spooktastic time on Poptropica this weekend!

As you know by now, the Poptropica Creators LOVE Halloween! There's so much fun stuff happening on Poptropica but you only have a few more days to enjoy it all! Be sure to visit the Home Island so you can...

? Make a fun picture in the Halloween photo booth and enter our membership giveaway. Check out this awesome pic from last year -- we bet you can make something this creative, too!

? Get new and classic Poptropica Halloween costumes in the store! There's a creepy puppet, wolf girl/boy, bog monster, and so much more!

? Spin the Halloween spinning wheel every day to earn credits to buy all that cool stuff in the store!

? Play the Haunted House mini-quest! Just click on the spooky gravestone outside the arcade on the Home Island. Get a zombie costume and power when you complete it, and costumize from all the creepy inhabitants at the party!

Most of the Halloween fun on Poptropica will be gone after Halloween so enjoy it while you can. Go play now on Poptropica and have a Happy Halloween!

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