Thursday, October 6, 2016

Halloween hits Poptropica!

It's October, and that means it's time to start celebrating Halloween on Poptropica!

We have so much fun stuff planned for this month. First up: We've brought back the Halloween photo booth! It's on the Home Island -- just look for the witch. Start playing around with it and check out all the cool features. Make a photo and share it with your friends!

Starting next week you'll be able to submit your Halloween photos to the Poptropica Creators. We'll randomly pick from players' photos and award one-month memberships throughout October -- and we'll feature some of our favorites on our social media!

And check out the Poptropica Store!

It's now packed with classic Poptropica Halloween cards and costumes! Zoom on over to the store to deck yourself out in some sweet, spooky duds to get in the spirit -- I know I have...

Later this month we'll be debuting some awesome new Halloween stuff in the store! So be sure to spin that wheel on the Home Island every day to build up your credits and play the Islands of the Month to earn extra-big credits!

What are you waiting for? Go play on Poptropica now!

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