Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Announcing October's Islands of the Month...

Did you know that each month we're featuring two Poptropica Islands? The Islands of the Month (IOTM) award 500 credits to first-time finishers and give a one-time 300 credit bonus to repeat finishers!

October's Islands of the Month are Monster Carnival Island and Mythology Island. If you haven't finished them yet, now's the time to earn those medallions! Having trouble completing these Islands? Never fear, Captain Crawfish is here. He just made a walkthrough for each Island!

Even if you've completed Monster Carnival and Mythology, the walkthroughs are worth a view. I mean, really -- who doesn't want to watch the Captain guiding them through the wacky and wonderful world of Poptropica as he cracks some fabulously groan-worthy jokes (if you're lucky)?

Go earn those credits now -- play the IOTM on Poptropica! Build up your credits (and don't forget to spin the wheel on the Home Island every day) because there are some awesome items hitting the Poptropica store later this month!

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