Thursday, September 22, 2016

Free gifts for YOU to celebrate Poptropica's birthday!

If it's September, it must be Poptropica's birthday! This year we're celebrating at by giving you some free, fun items in the store:

The hat is pretty cool -- you'll have to go get it to discover why!

We're not just having fun online, though. Last week we celebrated our birthday at Poptropica headquarters with the original Poptropica Creator himself, Jeff Kinney!

Happy birthday to us!

We know how to throw a party!
Jeff Kinney shows off his cake cutting skillz. Impressive.
Yes, being on the Poptropica team is as awesome as it looks.  :-)

We hope you'll grab your 9th birthday balloon and don your 9th birthday hat to celebrate with us on Poptropica. Go get these limited-time gifts while you can -- come October, we'll be debuting lots of Halloween fun and the free birthday gifts will disappear...

PS: If I see you with your birthday hat and balloon in the Home Island common room this month, I'll say hi -- and maybe even feature your Poptropican on our social media!

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