Friday, May 20, 2016

Poptropica is putting you on the map!

Poptropica has a new map screen with progress bars and difficulty ratings.
This week, we released a major new update to the Poptropica travel map. It's so massive, we'll need several paragraphs just to describe all the helpful new features.

The first thing you'll notice is a progress bar under every Island. This handy little guy will let you know how far you've made it in each Island, and how close you are to the end!

Navigation is easier now, too. With over 40 Islands to explore, you need to be able to get from page to page as quickly as possible. That's why there are eight circular buttons at the bottom of the map that will allow you to jump instantly to whatever page you want.

We've also re-ordered the Islands. Rather than putting the Islands in the order they were released, we've looked at which ones Poptropicans play the most. Those are now grouped near the front, so that you can get to them more easily.

You'll also notice that all of the Island icons are now in color! Hooray!

Clicking on an Island will also show you a little more information about it. You'll see your progress bar in a bigger size, as well as a short description and an option to restart the Island. If you've finished the quest more than once, we'll keep track of that number here too.

Most helpful, this screen shows you how difficult the Island is. One skull & crossbones means the Island is easy, two means a moderate challenge, and three means be careful!

One last note about this release: upon logging in, you'll now skip past the welcome back page and go directly to the Home Island. You can still return to your Island adventure with a single click, by selecting the icon beneath the bridge, as you see above.

Don't worry, your friends profile and the Store haven't gone anywhere. You can get to them through the inventory menu in the top-right corner of the screen. New pop quizzes have been moved to your own profile page -- unless you've answered them all, you'll still get a new one every day!

We hope these changes make Poptropica more fun and easier to use. We would love to know what you think about them, so don't be shy! You know how to reach us.

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