Monday, April 25, 2016

Big (no - REALLY BIG) news about Poptropica!

Hello everyone! Today is a big day in the world of Poptropica and we’re really excited to share some news with you: Later this year, we are going to be launching an ALL-NEW Poptropica! We’ve been working on this top-secret project for a while and we’re so excited to be able to tell you about it now!

So what makes the all-new Poptropica so cool?

- New look! The new Poptropica will still be Poptropica, but it’ll be improved. Newer! Shinier! More features, more options, more FUN — on a new app and a new website!

- New avatar! We’re exploring new designs, new movements, and new looks for the Poptropican avatar. Don’t worry, the essential elements that make a Poptropican a Poptropican will still be there! But we’ll change things up a bit — in a really good way.

- New stories! We’ll be bringing you new stories for your Poptropican to experience! And we’re exploring the idea of a unified story that connects all of Poptropica in a way that we’ve never done before. I know that sounds pretty mysterious, but that’s all I can say for now…

- New stuff! Like SHOES! And pets! And so much more!

- New social experience! We’re developing a way for Poptropicans to have a fun and safe social experience within Poptropica. It’s going to be awesome.

There’s so much more to come, but we’re early in the creation process — and that means this is all we can reveal right now. But as we develop the all-new Poptropica, we’ll give you sneak peeks here on the blog and in the Daily Pop on

So stay tuned, Poptropicans, and get psyched for the future of Poptropica. It’s going to be simply Poptastic!

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