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Escape From Pelican Rock cheats and walkthroughs

If you need help getting through Escape From Pelican Rock Island, use the official Poptropica walkthrough video above. We show you how to bust out of Pelican Rock Prison, step by step!

For help with some frequently asked questions about Escape From Pelican Rock, read on.

Where are the three eggs for Flambé's omelette?

You must get the eggs on three separate days. When you enter the yard, ask Patches to feed the birds. The bird that flies down to eat will leave an egg behind in its nest. You have a short time to make your way to the nest and get the egg.

Where are the eggs for Flambe's omelette on Poptropica?
The first egg is located on the right, above the basketball hoop.

Where is the first egg on Escape From Pelican Rock?
The second egg is located on the left. Jump on top of the statue of Warden Sharp, then up to the left.

Where is the second egg on Escape From Pelican Rock?
The third egg is located directly above the second egg.

Where is the third egg on Escape From Pelican Rock/

How do I make a dummy head?

After you have chiseled out of your cell, a pile of plaster is left on the ground in the utility corridor. Fill your cup with the plaster.

Get the cup of plaster to make the dummy head on Poptropica.
Take the plaster to the kitchen and dump it into the potatoes.

Stir the plaster into the potatoes to make a block for your dummy head.
Now stir. The potatoes become rock-hard!

Chisel away at the block of potatoes until you have made a dummy head.
Then just chisel away at the block of potatoes until you get something that looks like your face.

Use the dummy head to stay out of your cell longer during the night at Pelican Rock prison.

How do I get the drill bit?

Re-direct the ventilation above the shop so that the air from the license plate machine comes out over the guard's desk.

Direct the airflow above the workshop so that the steam blows at the guard.

Continue to direct the airflow until it is directly over the guard.
Overload the license plate machine.

Overload the license plate machine on Escape From Pelican Rock Island.
When the guard returns to his post, the steam will fog up his glasses. Give the guard your painted corkscrew pasta, and keep the drill bit for yourself.

Give the guard a piece of painted pasta in order to keep the drill bit.
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