Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Photo Booth Challenge winners!

We've looked at thousands of entries in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth Challenge. They made us laugh, they made us scream, they made us -- well, not cry, exactly, but some of them were pretty poignant!

As promised, we've selected one winner and five runners-up in each category. Without further ado, here they are!

Best Costume - Golden Typhoon

Best costume in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Golden Typhoon didn't just make a great werewolf costume -- she also posed it mid-transformation for a dramatic photo. Look how the other wolves are welcoming the newest member of their pack! Creepy!

Great runners up, too, including characters inspired by some of your favorite movies and comic books.

Best Halloween Party - Speedy Knuckle

Best Halloween Party in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Judging by the entries we received in this category, Poptropicans know how to get down! Please invite us to all of your future parties. Our winner was Speedy Knuckle, whose composition and character poses made for a rockin' good time.

Special mention to the runners up, each of whom brought a fun twist to the idea of a Halloween party.

Funniest Photo - Tall Kid

Funniest Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Tons of hilarious entries in this category. In the end, we had to give the top spot to Tall Kid, who gave us three monsters (and two bats) chasing a poor Poptropican in a hot dog costume. We always knew that would get you in the end.

You're not seeing double in the runners-up. Fast Lizard placed twice, and with good reason!

Most Creative Photo - Smart Glove

Most Creative Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
Every photo we got was creative. Smart Glove zoomed out to show Halloween from a perspective we hadn't really seen before.

Check out the runners up for some clever and fun storytelling, too.

Scariest Photo - Maroon Bird

Scariest Photo in Poptropica's Halloween Photo Booth.
The Jersey Devil found his way into a lot of the scariest photos, but it was Maroon Bird's contribution to the Slenderman tale that earned top honors in this category.

Pretty much all of these are a little too scary, though. Maybe you should scroll back up to the funny ones.

The winners in each category will now have their avatars and their photos added to the Photo Booth for the next week. So if you want to get up close and personal with the winning entries, go to Poptropica now and try out the Halloween Photo Booth!

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Happy Halloween!

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