Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Coming to the Poptropica app: Brand-new bundle packs!

We promised more to come in the Poptropica app this week, and here's something else to look forward to: tons of brand-new bundle packs available in the costume store! Finally, your Poptropican can look as sharp in the app as they do on the web.

The new bundle packs are:
  • Survival pack: Includes Wind Power, Ghillie Suit, & Rhino Costume
  • PoptropiCon pack: Includes Popzilla Costume, Lunar Costume, Game Show Costume Mission
  • Atlantis pack: Includes Diving Suit, Puffer Fish Costume, Drone Follower
  • Knights Pack: Includes Templar Knight, Lightning Knight, & Heart Astro Knight (girls) or Earth Astro Knight (boys)
  • Shrink Ray Pack: Includes Bottle Cap Costume, Milk Box Costume, & Shrink Ray
  • Sweet As Pie Pack: Includes Mud Pie, Lemon Meringue, & Cherry
Each will be available for only 99 cents, and can be mixed and matched to create the ultimate unique fashion statement for your Poptropican.

There's one more announcement to share! Come back tomorrow to find out what it is.

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