Friday, October 24, 2014

The Best of the Land: Villages!

First of all, congratulations to Zany Crown for being the readers' choice for the best Dream Home. Your prize: the satisfaction of a job well done.

Just as with the Dream Home challenge, we've received thousands of entries in which Poptropicans have shown us their best Villages. After poring through them all, here are our favorites!

From Cool Sponge, an old-fashioned village that looks like the perfect place to hold the inaugural constitutional convention. (Cool Sponge also made it into Monday's Dream Homes!)

From Creepy Goose, how clever is this? She zoomed way out for a blimp's-eye view of her village.

From Friendly Heart, imagine waking up to that giant shrubbery every morning. It wouldn't be terrifying at all.

From Ice Age, an intricate desert setting. Unfortunately, Ice Age wasn't a registered user so we can't share their avatar with you! Always a good idea to save your game.

From Mad Comet, here's a medieval village that seems to be struggling with a dragon problem. (Mad Comet, too, was featured on Monday!)

From Neat Tiger, we can see why they needed to build this village above the flood plain. Looks like they've got everything up there!

From Popular Shadow, it's another dragon! Let's hope this one is a protector. If not, we know exactly what to do.

From Serious Bird, you don't have to go far for a bite to eat in this town. Does the building on the right shake in an earthquake?

From Silver Lightning, another underwater-themed world! We'll take the raft, thank you very much.

From White Flyer, it looks like a Poptropica Main Street! Even without the blimp it's a dead ringer. Well done.

Those are our favorites. What about yours? Tell us which of these Villages you liked the best by voting in our poll on the sidebar!

The Poptropica Land public preview is still going, as is the Best of the Land Challenge. Today through October 26, we want to see your best Obstacle Course. We'll reveal our favorite Obstacle Courses on Monday.

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