Monday, October 20, 2014

The Best of the Land: Dream Homes!

For the Poptropica Land public preview, we challenged you to show us your best dream homes, and you responded. We received thousands of amazing entries! After looking through all of them (really!), here are a few that stood even higher than the rest.

From Cool Sponge, here's a Victorian-style mansion that looks like an absolutely gorgeous place to live, provided the Bates Motel is not located just down the hill.

From the one and only Friendly Fish, an abode that lives up to her name.

From Golden Lightning, a period piece that wouldn't look out of place on Mythology Island.

From Golden Lobster, a dream home of biblical proportions -- inside the belly of a whale!

From Hyper Fire, the great thing about a houseboat is that if you don't like your neighbors, you can just pack up and leave!

From Mad Comet, a gorgeous fusion of old and new, built into a hillside. Does the League of Shadows have meetings here?

From Red Sun, a nicely organized, wonderfully appointed home. It's move-in ready!

From Small Tiger, this one has it all: a lovely garden, comfortable accommodations, and a storeroom that will guarantee you outlast the apocalypse.

From Striped Fox, this home is distinguished by a massive telescope in the observatory, which fortunately is pointed away from the bathrooms.

From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.

Those are our favorites. What about yours? Tell us which of these dream homes you liked the best by voting in our poll on the sidebar!

The Poptropica Land public preview is still going, as is the Best of the Land Challenge. Today through October 23, we want to see your best Village. We'll reveal our favorite Villages this Friday.

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