Monday, May 5, 2014

Introducing the new Poptropica comic strip!

We're very excited to introduce you to the new Poptropica comic strip!

This is an original series about two mismatched boys, Oliver and Jorge, who find themselves stranded in the strange world of Poptropica. They'll travel from one weird Island to the next, always looking for a way home -- but usually finding more adventures instead.

There's a new comic published every day. To see the newest. visit Poptropica and go to the Daily Pop.

We'll also be publishing the comics here in the blog. The first week is below!

Click on each image to expand.

Week 1, strip 1:

Week 1, strip 2:

Week 1, strip 3:

Week 1, strip 4:

Week 1, strip 5:

Week 1, strip 6:

Week 1, strip 7:

There's more to come! To read each new strip as it's published, visit Poptropica and check out the Daily Pop!

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