Friday, December 13, 2013

When can you play Mocktropica?

Big news today, Poptropicans! But first, a little housekeeping.

We're not terribly sad to tell you that Gamer Guy has been relieved of his position as a Poptropica intern. We could forgive the poor spelling and the atrocious grammar, but we simply couldn't tolerate his promoting a competing website -- especially one as crass and as cynically conceived as this "Mega Fighting Bots" nonsense. This does mean that I don't have anybody to bring me coffee anymore, but those are the breaks.

The good thing is that this blog is once again 100% focused on bringing you the latest news about Poptropica. And this is huge news!

We are happy to announce that Early Access to Mocktropica will be available on Thursday, December 19! 

Poptropica Members will be able to play the full quest. Non-Members will have access to a limited demo until Mocktropica becomes available to everyone on January 16, 2014.

We hope you like Mocktropica. It's funny and strange and not quite like anything we've done before. Don't wait until next year to play it. Become a Member today so that you can play Mocktropica next Thursday!

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