Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The new and improved Time-Tangled Island is now available!

Hey Poptropicans, Captain Crawfish here. Things are going bonkers around Poptropica! Bugs, glitches, errors -- and that's just my email inbox. It's so crazy that I'm handing over the reins of the Creators' blog to our intern, who insists on being known as, er, "Gamer Guy." Try not to let him wreck the place.

yo WASSUP poptropicans! gamer guy here ready to give u the hottest poptropica news and the freshest takes on the world of gaming.

a little bout me: i love 2 game, i game 24/7, and im probably the best gamer u know lol!

anyways captain crawface wanted me to tell you that the new and improved time-tangled island is now available for everyone to play in poptropica. he said to say it has music and sfx but like most games have those things so i dunno y this is so great.

its not really my thing, no shooting aliens or racing cars or fighting robots or anything like that. i prefer online games where u can fight other people and let em know that ur better then them. but maybe u would like it.

u can visit poptropica now to play the new and improved time-tangled island!

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