Friday, June 24, 2011

The 20 rarest items in Poptropica, part 5

This is it. To celebrate the launch of our 20th Island, Shrink Ray Island, today we conclude our list of the 20 rarest items in Poptropica history.

4. Hypnotic

This dazzling costume was available for a short time by clicking on an otherwise unremarkable window in Early Poptropica.

3. Cryptids Nessie Hat

One of the hardest items to acquire in Poptropica's history was the Nessie Hat during the sneak preview of Cryptids Island. Players could look through a viewfinder on the shores of Loch Ness, and those who spotted Nessie won this item!

2. Wunder Bubble Tonic

Unlike the Loch Ness viewfinder, roping cattle in the Wild West sneak preview wasn't about luck. But it was incredibly difficult, and not many Poptropicans were able to wrangle all of the prizes from that game, including the final prize, Wunder Bubble Tonic.

1. 3rd Birthday Hat

To win the 3rd birthday hat, a Poptropican had to be incredibly lucky. First of all, you had to be in a common room during our 3rd birthday celebration last September. Next, you needed to see a special balloon appear, which most Poptropicans never did. And finally, you had to click on the balloon before you left the room! Those who made it were rewarded with the 3rd birthday hat, the rarest item in the history of Poptropica.

If you missed any of these rare items over the past 20 Poptropica Islands, never fear: there will be a lot more costumes and powers to come from the next 20 Islands -- and beyond!

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