Friday, January 23, 2009

Snapshot Sagas: Giant Brain

The storm hit when I was about 5 hours at sea, sailing from Shark Tooth Island. I thought I was done for, and worse, I was sad that my camera's battery ran out when I attempted to take a photo of the huge wave that almost swallowed my small coconut tree raft! After the storm, I drifted for what seemed like ages until I finally fell asleep from exhaustion. When I awoke, I found myself on the shore of a strange and wonderful land.

Venturing around, I soon found myself in the Village of Nabooti, where I was able to charge up my camera (luckily it still works) and search for another unique and friendly Poptropican to feature in Snapshot Sagas! In Fly By Night Airlines I ran into Giant Brain. He was a fairly sociable lad, and was kind enough to let me take a photo of him before he hopped off to chat with his other Poptropican friends. Thanks Giant Brain!

I am now off to search for more Poptropicans to photograph. You may be the next one featured in Snapshot Sagas!

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