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Poptropica® is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica's engaging quests, stories, and games.

Kids create a "Poptropican" character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving skills are honed as kids discover and solve mysteries unique to each Island.

There are always new areas to explore in this ever-expanding world where kids can collect objects, read digital books and comics, watch movies, and compete in head-to-head competition. Parents can always trust that their children are playing-and learning-in a safe, online environment.

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Poptropica is always free for kids to play. However, kids can explore even more with Membership Exclusives!

Poptropica Membership

  • Early Access to Islands
  • Get instant access to all new Islands before the rest of the world!

All Poptropica REALMS Features

  • Build Realms with no limitations! Create up to 20 Realms with access to all biomes.

Unlimited Costumes & Powers

  • Customize your Poptropican using any and all costumes and special powers in the Poptropica Store.

Costume Closet

  • Don't want to lose your special creations? Save up to 30 favorite looks in your very own costume closet. Share your Realms with the Poptropica Creators!

Photo Album

  • View all Island accomplishments in your very own Photo Album.

For those without Membership, items in the Poptropica Store can be redeemed with Credits. Kids can earn credits by completing Islands in Poptropica.

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Parents can trust that their children are playing—and learning—in a safe online environment. No personally identifiable information is ever collected from kids.

Communication with other players in Poptropica is safe. Kids can only interact using scripted chat, so no personal information can ever be shared.

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