Poptropica Parents

Poptropica Store Membership


Poptropica Membership gives you premium access to new Islands and the Poptropica Store!

Exclusive Island Access
  • Get EARLY Access to the NEWEST Poptropica Islands!
    Be among the first to play and complete the newest Islands weeks before the rest of the world!
Unlimited Poptropica Store Access
  • Get unlimited access to all the Costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store.
    Customize your Poptropican by choosing your favorite costumes and enhance your Poptropica experience with special abilities and effects.
Full Access to Your Photo Album
  • Only Members can see every photo in their album!
    See all of the snapshots you've earned from your adventures through the Islands of Poptropica! Look through your friends' albums, and costumize whatever you see.
Exclusive Use of the Costume Closet
  • Store up to 30 costumes to wear again at any time!
    Save any look from the Costumizer to your closet. Visit your friends' closets and copy their best outfits for your own.
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